Bomdila is located at 27.25°N 92.4°E. It has an average elevation of 2217 metres (7273 feet). It is 109 km from Bhalukpong and is the headquarters of West Kameng District. The place is inhabited by tribes like Aka (Hrusso), Miji (Sajalong), Monpa, Sherdukpen, and Khawas. The craft centers, monasteries, ethnographic museum and emporium etc. are worth visiting. One can also watch various snow clad mountain peaks from Bomdila including the Kangto and Gorichen Peaks which are the highest peak of the state. With snow clad Himalayan mountain ranges and lush greenery to flaunt its natural beauty and various crafts to boast of its rich culture and lifestyle, Bomdila ranks amongst the leading tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. Bomdila is a photographer’s delight, as the snow-capped mountain ranges of Himalayas offer spectacular views. To enjoy the essence of nature in its varied forms, you could not think of a better place than Bomdila.

Bomdila Monastery was established in the year 1965 and it represents the spiritual essence of Buddhism. It is situated close to Tipi Orchid Research Center in West Kameng district. Followers of Mahayana Buddhism consider this place sacred. The monastery resembles Tsona Gontse Monastery of South Tibet. The temple of Buddha in the monastery attracts pilgrims in great numbers.

Lying on a hill, Upper Gompa attracts tourist in great numbers, as it is a symbol of the traditions associated with Buddhism. It is also called as Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Ling (GRL) Monastery. A school to educate monk kids is in Upper Gompa. A temple of Buddha and a prayer hall are seen here. The wall hangings in the prayer hall are reflection of the culture. Lower Gompa is located at the center of Bomdila. The influence of Tibetan architecture is prominent in Lower Gompa. Lower Gompa has a huge sized prayer hall. Followers of Buddhist philosophy do not miss visiting the place as they consider it sacred. Middle Gompa is situated close to the main market in Bomdila. Middle Gompa is one amongst the oldest gompas. This Gompa is popular amongst healers as the Blue Medicine Buddha in the Gompa is focused by healers as they pray and meditate.

Craft Center and Ethnographic Museum is precisely where you need to be if you want to experience the essence of the culture and lifestyle of Bomdila. The hand woven carpets, traditional masks and wall hangings are uniquely designed. Carpets with dragon designs are very famous here. This is also the place from where you could buy craft items to take back with you as souvenirs.

Bomdila is famous for apple orchards. They are spread across large areas of the land. Laden with apples, the huge trees in the orchards are great attractions to tourists. Visiting Bomdila in winter would be a feast to your eyes as apple orchards will be at their optimum best in production. You are sure to love the casual stroll in the apple orchards and the temptation to buy apples for unbelievably low prices is too hard to resist.

Nature lovers will love Bomdila View Point, as views from here are spectacular. The highest point here offers breathtaking views of the landscape around including Nechipu Pass. West Kameng Valley spreads out in front of your eyes when viewed from here.

R.R. Hill is yet another important tourist attraction being Bomdila’s highest point. Apart from the scenic landscape that is the specialty of Bomdila, you could also view the road that leads to Tawang and to Bhutan’s border.