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  Nature’s Glory
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The natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh is truly unparalleled. Often refered to as "the land of the dawnlit mountains" , it’s extensive geographical diversity, corresponding climate conditions, and variety of wildlife testifies that it is one of the richest biodiversity and heritage spots.

Due to variation in altitude and climatic conditions there are four different types of forests in the state that provides shelter and food to a wide range of flora and fauna, some of which are unique to the state. Moreover every district has its own exclusive and rare variety of orchids.

It is the only state that can claim to have four major varieties of the big cats in its jungles- tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard. The state is also home to lesser feline species like the golden cat and marbled cat. More than 500 species of birds have been recorded, many of which are highly endangered and restricted to this state, such as the white-winged duck, scatter, monal bangal florian etc. Besides, there are seven species of primates that include the takin which is found in Arunachal Pradesh only. A large mammal called “ Mithun” is a majestic animal , which is indigenous to the state,. Each district of Arunachal Pradesh has its own exclusive and rare variety of orchids. One of Asia’s largest Orchidarium is in Arunachal Pradesh, located at Tipi.

In an effort to preserve the natural habitat, a number of Wild Life Sanctuaries and National Parks have been identified:- Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Kane Wildlife Sanctuary, Mouling National Park, Dr, Dai Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Dihang-Debang Biosphere Reserve and Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary. So, if you love nature in its pristine glory, Arunachal Pradesh is the destination you are looking for.




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