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A major part of Arunachal Pradesh is covered with lush evergreen forests.

Angling & Fishing in Arunachal Pradesh India offers lots of opportunities for angling and fishing lovers. The abundance of water and the simplicity of the sport have helped the sport to grow in Arunachal Pradesh India. Arunachal Pradesh offers numerous possibilities to catch fish especially trout and Mahseer. Throughout the planet, catching a Golden Mahseer is rated as an important accomplishment by anglers. Mahseer is very tough to catch – as it puts on a fight once it is hooked. Mahseer tests the skill of the anglers.  Angling in allows you to go into an untraveled territory in a very special part of the, where tracts of unspoiled wilderness stretch for hundreds of kilometers and human presence  is scarce and sustainable. You can prepare your own schedule. Besides enjoying the fun in fishing, you can take back memories that last a lifetime. In Arunachal Pradesh, five rivers that are famous for hauling a bountiful catch.  These include areas around, Siang River and Subansiri River .  These offer better bites for the hookups. As these rivers are pristine, there is more oxygen in these waters and hence the catch is always good. 

Note: Anglers should dutifully release the catch. Golden Mahseer especially is an endangered species which deserves utmost respect for their marvelous body and their ability to test even the best of anglers. This mysterious fish, a queen of the Himalayan Rivers, is also considered holy in Hinduism, many legends being associated with it.


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