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Over 80 per cent of Arunachal Pradesh is covered with thick evergreen forests and it has five major rivers- Kameng, Subansiri, Lohit , Siang and Tirap. It is an ideal destination for trekking, angling, boating and rafting. Its upper reaches are just great for adventure tourism.

There are numerous mountainous trekking routes which attract tourists, especially foreigners, for their adventurous endeavours. The Siang River offers fantastic rafting opportunities. In the early days of geographical exploration, the Siang River was referred to as the ‘Missing link’ the unexplored channel that formed the link between the Tsangpo of Tibet and the Brahmaputra of Assam. It is a mighty river turning into Indian Territory at a point near Gelling in Upper Siang district near the indo-china border. In the Tibetan cosmogony it is the horse mouth river with sands of emerald flowing east , and there is a belief that those who drink its water will become as sturdy as horses.




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